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Medical Benefits

Saving money on health care can be a challenge.  AFI will be your partner navigating the map of available health plans.  AFI will arm you with the knowledge to choose the plan and options that will benefit you the most.  

Dental Benefits

Although oral health is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, medical benefits typically takes top billing.  But, dental coverage is usually next up on your need-to-have list.    

Long Term Care Benefits

Long term care insurance covers care not routinely covered by health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid.   Your long-term care plan should be tailored to your particular situation and only a knowledgeable professional can best help you do that.

Vision Benefits

Under construction

Life Insurance

The two main categories of life insurance are term and permanent insurance.  Permanent then has subcategories consisting of whole life, universal life, variable life and variable universal life policies.  

Property & Casualty (P&C)

You may have heard the term property and casualty insurance, but do you know what it means?   In short, P&C insurance are types of coverage that help protect the stuff you own... your home, your car, etc.

Business - Commercial Liability

Under construction


Five types of auto insurance coverage explained.  What coverage is best for your situation?

Pet Insurance

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