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Americans for Financial Independence (AFI), founded in 1997 by Dr. David Feinstein, a retired physician, is committed to providing you with the information, benefits and opportunities to help secure your financial future.


After practicing podiatry for over 10 years, Dr. Feinstein was forced to retire due to a neck injury which prevented him from performing surgical procedures.  As a physician and a patient, he personally came to understand the wide range of medical insurance issues facing americans today.  


Dr. Feinstein understands health connects us to each other.  What we do impacts all those around us.  So, AFI is dedicated to delivering affordable health benefits to our members, providing greater value and helping improve the health of our communities.  


With direct access to several well known major insurance carriers, AFI is able to give its members the same buying power that a large business of 5000 plus employees can provide.


AFI's in-house staff and more than 100 business agents in the field are advocates for all of your insurance needs.


As your family grows, as your small business evolves, your needs may as well.  Explore what AFI can offer you that can help protect you and the ones you love.


Call us today to discover ways to protect what matters most in your life.


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